Professional Bio

You can take a look at the high-level stuff on my LinkedIn profile. However…

… here’s a more interesting + detailed summary:

– Aged 4-16: head in a book (novel/non-fiction/school). Always.

– I then studied A-Levels, and had no clue what I wanted to do with my life. I started 2 degrees, and didn’t finished. I zigzagged.

– Also at this time, aged 16, I started coaching tennis in camps during school holidays. Groups of kids/youths, aged anywhere between 4 and 13.

– Shortly after that, I started tutoring. I have done that throughout my life/career right up until now, in sciences, maths, english and even German… with kids/youths mainly 1-to-1, aged from 7 to 16.

– I worked in Financial Services recruitment for 5 years – again, with people. This time with adult(!) clients (aged 21 to 60+). I got pretty good at it, and was a top-biller for my firm.

– I always knew recruitment wasn’t it for me, and it felt like the right time to move away from the field at that point. I went to study a full-time Masters in Applied Positive Psychology. Super-interesting, and at only the 2nd institution in the world to offer the course. In short, Positive Psychology is the science behind human potential.

– Alongside my Masters, I piloted an alternative higher ed. programme. Here’s a preview of what went down.

– From 2016, I have been coaching ‘officially’. Or consciously. Or whatever you’d like to call it.

– In 2017, I entered the arena of sports coaching, quickly narrowing down to tennis + boxing. Tennis is my mustard, boxing is my jam. 🎾🥊

Little did I realise, all those dots had connected. It had been staring me in the face the whole time and, reading it back now, it all seems so obvious now. I have loved and been around people, in my life and ‘work’ for as long as I remember.

So to be doing coaching now as, well, a thing is pretty phenomenal.

My coaching sweet-spot is working with young superstars (13-25) in tennis & boxing to help them grow and be their most awesome selves. It makes me come alive.

Though, I am also fortunate to coach other amazing folks in other walks of life too – mainly in the corporate + business world, where I spent some time (6+ years) and cultivated some amazing relationships.

PS. Don’t forget to read my personal bio, too 👌