I’m in Vegas. And I’m excited. #MayMac

I’m in Vegas. And I’m excited.

Right at the start of my 10+ hour London -> Las Vegas flight, I got chatting to the guy sat next to me. It turns out he was cool, albeit a nervous flier (dating back to a Vegas flight 2 years ago when he experience turbulence, and an in-flight movie involving a plane crash within the first 20 minutes of taking off… seriously).

Myself and Dan (cool guy’s name) shared a fair bit of common ground, and we spent much of the flight talking about combat sports and films, mostly the latter in the end.

Fairly early on in our voyage together, Dan uttered a few words which hit me harder than I expected: “I feel like I’m gonna disappoint you, man… I think McGregor’s gonna do it.”

Wow. I was taken aback. Then I was thinking, why am I so taken aback? After a few moments, I think I realised; it was the first time in real life I’d actually heard someone predict a Conor McGregor win – i.e. aside from pundits/MMA fighters/fans/Conor himself.

Suddenly, it seemed more real.

Sh*t. It’s actually possible that he could do it. Of course, I knew that anyway. I know that anything is possible – I’ve already written about both fighters’ ridiculous self-belief, and I’ve honed in on Conor McGregor’s confidence and determination, as well as the early life of Mayweather and McGregor, one of Floyd’s noteworthy victories… and not forgetting that World Press Tour.

The fact is that Conor McGregor has, I feel, more than a Leicester-City-winning-the-English-Premiership chance of winning this bout. Much more than that. In fact, I’m not sure I’d bat an eyelid of odds of 10-1, eeeeeven 8-1 (okay, maybe getting carried away here). This may sound pretty extreme, but hey.

I’m actually writing this post on the way over to Las Vegas (note: it’s been typed-up and published from my hotel room), and I was already pretty excited about going to Vegas in amongst all the action, and the fight being less than a week away…

I hadn’t even watched my downloaded-from-Youtube Mayweather and McGregor videos/documentaries yet! (Note: I did later in the flight – and this 34-minute Conor McGregor video titled Starboy (A Conor McGregor story) is well worth a watch. That said, I watched a couple of Mayweather videos afterwards, and then I found myself thinking, how can I be doubting Floyd? Seriously, every time I watch a video about each fighter, I edge more for that fighter… obviously this cannot continue indefinitely(!).

All in all, with Saturday night just FIVE nights away, and as I think more about Conor McGregor’s chances, the instance of an upset, and just the actual bout itself between these two incredible fighters which is now just around the corner… I.am.pretty.excited.

PS. I’m enjoy settling into Vegas already – after an Uber ride to the hotel from the airport, I enjoyed a quick gym session and poolside chill, and I’m off to The Strip shortly… first stop, the MGM Grand.
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by Jasraj

Monday 21st August, 2017
at ~37,000 feet, somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean